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Virtual Learning Guideline
Posted On:
Monday, July 13, 2020


Grundy County Schools

Virtual Learning Guidelines



For the 2020-2021 school year, Grundy County School Families will have the option to attend their designated school in person or participate in virtual learning.  With both options, students are expected to maintain  academic progress and regular attendance.  This is a guide for parents who chose or are considering virtual learning for their child.  Although some virtual learning was attempted this spring during school closures, state guidelines will require daily student participation, attendance, and grades will be assigned for this program.  If you have any questions, please email    


Becoming a Virtual Student

After completely reading the guidelines, parents who chose virtual learning must commit by July 22th, 2020.  Once a student is enrolled, they will remain virtual for the semester.  Parents can choose in person classes for the 2nd semester, but will need to contact their school administration before December 4th, 2020 with their intent.  

Parents who choose to send their child(ren) to school will have the option to change to virtual at any time during the semester with administrative approval.  If a student changes to virtual, he/she must remain in the virtual program until the end of the semester.  Parents can choose in person classes for the 2nd semester but will need to contact their school before December 4th, 2020 with their intent.



        The Grundy County Virtual Learning Program is a continuation of the school’s curriculum offered to students who are enrolled in the Grundy County School System.  Daily instruction and assignments will be provided through Google Hangout or Google Meet by a certified teacher employed by GCS System. Students will be required to login each day in order to fully cover curriculum and assignments. Students should expect to spend at least 20 or more hours per week engaged in online learning.  



All Grundy County Attendance Policies and Procedures will be followed and can be found by (clicking here.)  For attendance purposes for the 2020-2021 academic year, students will take ownership of their attendance by logging into the approved Google Format each morning by 8:00 AM. It is recommended to start logging in at least 5-10 minutes before 8 AM in case technical issues arise.  Students will follow the schedule set by their teacher.  If any student encounters technical difficulty, please call the following number for your designed school:

Tracy and Pelham: 931-463-1667

Palmer, Swiss, Coalmont: 931-463-1641

North: 931-463-1605

GCHS: 931-463-1667 or 931-463-1605   



It is the sole responsibility of the student to complete the work for his or her classes.  Grades will be given for all assignments. Student progress is updated weekly in the PowerSchool Portal and reflects student progress and achievement as grades are updated.  The report contains academic progress and attendance information in each class.  Parents are encouraged to monitor their child’s work in each course.  For PowerSchool login information, please contact the main office at your assigned school.  



        All students are required to abide by all Grundy County School Board Policies and the approved Grundy County Handbooks. 

Campus Events and Attendance

Students enrolled virtually  may attend optional tutoring or one-on-one conferences with their instructors if needed. All campus visits during school hours will be by appointment only.  Students may participate in sports and any after-school extracurricular activities after school hours as long as all school guidelines are met.  During all on campus visits, Grundy County Policies will be in effect, and students are expected to follow the policies.  Students who are enrolled in CTE Trade and Industry Classes will be required to attend in person for hands on training for Industry Certifications. 


Technology Device, Electronic Media Consent and Internet Agreement

Grundy County Schools will provide technology devices for students who are participating in Virtual Learning that will provide access for maximum learning.  These will be issued at a central location.  Parents and students must sign the Responsible User Policy (RUP) before devices are dispersed to students.  Please click here to read the RUP.   Troubleshooting procedures will be maintained by technicians as needed.  In the event that Grundy County Schools should return to remote learning, every student will receive a technology device.  



Normal class assessment will be given virtually/ in person.  This will be determined by the instructor at the student’s designated school. 


Mandatory State testing is required yearly for various grade levels during the year.  Due to strict test security measures, all state testing will be completed at each student’s designated school.  Students are not allowed to miss scheduled tests or to reschedule tests unless a significant documented emergency occurs. **Students who have an active IEP or 504 will receive accommodations as stated in their most recent IEP/504 plan.


Withdrawal from Virtual Learning

Any parent who would like to move their child from virtual learning to in person classes for the second semester will need to contact their designated school before December 4th, 2020 with their intent.


Parents or guardians who have a student in virtual learning that  plans to withdraw from Grundy County School System for any reason should contact the Central Office at 692-3467 ext.126.  The procedure for withdrawal will be explained to the parents, and all obligations such as turning in books, devices, or any other supplies must be completed.  Transcripts will not be forwarded until all obligations are cleared.  


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