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Constitution Day 17th
Posted On:
Tuesday, August 27, 2019


Constitution Day is September 17th and each educational institution that receives Federal funds is required to hold an educational program about the U.S. Constitution for its students.


The U.S. Census Bureau's Statistics in Schools (SIS) Program offers specialized classroom content that will help you meet that requirement while also introducing you to a wealth of free online resources that will increase statistical literacy and help prepare students for our increasingly data-driven world.


The added benefit is that young people will talk with their families about the upcoming 2020 Census and help increase response rates in Grundy County. Every person counted brings more of our federal tax dollars back here for education, roads, health care and other services.


Specifically for Constitution Day, Statistics in Schools offers a variety of resources from videos and 5-minute activities to complete lesson plans for multiple subjects and grade levels at

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