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Dr.  Russell  Ladd
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Principal's Corner

Vision - Core Values - Goals

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Mr. Ladd

“My personal Educational Vision and Values”


Our Coalmont elementary School community is a family.  As educators we treat each child as if we were our own.  We must work together, support each other and realize no one person is bigger than the school/family.

We will work hard, support one another and grow together.  Our school is our family – success is a by- product of our commitment to working together and respecting each other.

“Core Values”

Culture of Personalization:

Our school will be a “Home Away from Home” for students, staff, family, and community.  A place where the climate provides personalized learning for every child, built on strong student, staff, family, and community partnerships.  A place where everyone is treated with respect, treated fairly, and appreciated.

Culture of collaboration:

Our school will be a place where students, staff, parents, administration, and community members work together and take ownership in developing and maintaining a dynamic student-centered learning environment.

Culture of Excellence:

Our school will be a place where academic and personal excellence is an expectation for all.  It must be our fundamental belief that all students can learn and achieve at high levels.  It is our collective responsibility to ensure we do “whatever it takes” to prepare our students for the competitive 21stcentury global environment.  We will celebrate our successes.


“Three points Family Values”

1.      Be the best person you can be.

2.      Be the best student you can be.

3.      Be the best community citizen.


1.      Perform a needs assessment to establish our strengths and needs for improvement.

2.      Establish a culture of learning.

3.      Establish a system for clear communication.

4.      Establish high expectations that are clearly defined and communicated.